How to build a social networking site

To tell the truth, creating a successful social network is incredibly heavy business nowadays. Hardly anybody will ever be able to replicate Facebook’ success. Nevertheless, millions of social network projects still appear every day. These websites are devoted to different subjects, but they all are used for common purpose: to bring communities together according to user’s interests, religion, lifestyle and other conditions. As you see, demand still takes its place on the market. The key is to find free niche and expand it competently.

Social network – is not an ordinary website that provides specified data concerning vehicles, computers, medicine, etc. People come here to share information with friends, in other words, for communication. And because human is a social being, such resources will be originated permanently.

After all, how to build a social networking site?

There are two ways of creating your own social network: starting from the scratch or using ready social network CMS.

Advantages of starting a social network from the scratch:
a. Website design and performance will absolutely suit your requirements;
b. Website rights are legally reserved and you are allowed to do everything, even resell it.

a. Quite a long website development and production period;
b. Project may require significant investments;
c. Developer releases only your requests, therefore you should clearly understand every section functionality.

Ready software scripts’ advantages:
a. Fast website release. Your community becomes available straight after installation and initial setup;
b. Comparatively low price: most social network CMS cost $200- 400;
c. Almost all scripts have integrated design template change feature.

a. If standard script capabilities don’t completely suit your requirements, additional software functionality changes may become necessary;
b. Not all social network software developers provide free technical support and software functionality assistance.

This special article contains top 5 social network CMS review. But today we’re considering main social network creation milestones.

1. Developing original idea. Foremost is to find bright idea, which is definitely on demand. Then there is a chance it becomes viral. As usual, the coolest and highly sought ideas arise when people face real problems. History knows greatest businesses, originated from small “private” communities for nearest and dearest either from professional thematic mini-clubs for current issues’ discussion.

2. Inventing community name
Here you can choose one of these ways. First is to combine two incompatible words, as Facebook did. Mention that website name should clearly describe its’ assignment. Otherwise invent absolutely meaningless word, sounding anxiously remarkable (Twitter, Tumblr). Only your acquisitive mind is responsible for flight of imagination here.

3. Constructing website from the scratch or purchasing ready social networking script.
We’ve already reviewed every option’ pros and corns above – now it’s up to you to decide. We’d mention here, that it’s possible to build successful business on ready software basis; variety of scripts is available in the Internet today.

4. Developing original design and content. At this node we decide if we’ll develop distinctive website design either use existing template.
No doubts, ready design templates won’t suit significant ideas and serious businesses. At least, index page has to be unique. It means that you have to purchase or develop big sized index page image yourself.

5. Attracting target audience. Online and offline advertising, social media promotion and search engine advertising. Most time-taking process. Engage a team of true and faithful professionals, probably friends, who will help to attract new users on your social network website.

6. Mobile apps. Mobile app is required website attribute today. More and more businesses are primarily established on the mobile application basis, while small landing remains as a desktop foundation. Think about app purchase or development in advance. Most social network CMS developers provide mobile application in addition to ready software script.

7. Monetizing. Any website has to bring revenue since it’s a business. Owners profit from paid network services and (or) from advertisement space leasing. As well as collaboration with advertising providers, post cards, games and much more. This article is devoted to monetizing discussion.

Social networking is still popular business in the internet. So how to build a social network website, viral, famous and gainful? If you have bright networking idea – go ahead to your target. All good things come to he who waits.

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